Practical Strategies for Creating Inclusive Classrooms: You are invited to join the discussion of inclusive education at BC universities!

As our campuses are becoming increasingly more diverse, it has become imperative for post-secondary educators and staff to think beyond the ‘typical tried ways’ in which we learn and teach. In this session, we will explore the intersects of Universal Design for Learning, broadly, and inclusive post-secondary education practices. We invite participants to imagine the benefits of a commitment to equitable inclusion and the impact this can have on instructors, peers and the broader community. Through interactive activities, participants will be encouraged to think about tools and strategies to facilitate inclusive and equitable communities within and beyond the post-secondary education.

This session will be facilitated by Lauren Matthews and Carmen Lee from STEPS Forward, the BC Initiative for Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (BC-IPSE). BC-IPSE is a family founded and guided organization with a vision to support equitable access to mainstream academics and campus life on university campuses across the province for adults with developmental disabilities and has been an active provincial initiative since 2001. BC-IPSE currently works in partnership with SFU, UBC, NVIT, ECUAD, UVIC, TWU, and UBC-O to support students with developmental disabilities to be included in the same courses and programs of study, and in the same ways, as any other student on campus.

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