Integrating the Edcamp recipe into the conference format

The Edcamp recipe has created much interest in the last few years because it turns the traditional conference format on its head. Edcamps, indeed, involve no speakers per se and instead invite everyone to contribute in a round table set up. It also allows participants the flexibility to determine on the day what they wish to discuss and focus on. It creates exceptional opportunities for dialogue and cross sector/ cross institution pollination. It also addresses head on the “sage on a stage” power dynamics that plague traditional conferences. As such, the Edcamp recipe is particularly well aligned with UDL in several ways, and provides significant opportunities to reflect on the ways UDL affects thedesign of professional development. The AHEAD Ireland Conference was the first, in 2018, to explore the possibilities of the Edcamp format within an academic conference on UDL, and it did so with great success by integrating parallel round table discussions. The Third Pan-Canadian Conference on UDL wishes to follow this lead, and seeks to integrate free flowing conversations, alongside the more formal break-out sessions. If you are attending the conference in Victoria and wish to facilitate a round table discussion, please contact the Organizing Committee at There will be a room set up for spontaneous round tables on UDL in K-12, HE, accessibility services and instructional design respectively.

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