Interested in becoming part of (UDL) history?

Two years ago, at the last Pan-Canadian Conference on UDL, there was great momentum for creating a Canadian non-profit that might have life of its own and promote UDL across country. We think that we are ready, as a collective of scholars and practitioners, to now make this a reality. If you are attending the Conference in October in Victoria, you will have a chance to become involved and to take on a role in this process. On Thursday October 3rd, we are inviting all interested parties to join us in the Quarterdeck at Royal Roads University, between 9 and 9.30am before breakout sessions begin, to touch base and make initial contact. We hope that people will then be able to find like-minded folks and to select a task they are interested in. The next morning, on Friday October 4th between 8.30 and 9am, there will be four break out rooms set aside for groups willing to take on: (i) the legal formation of the non-profit; (ii) the role of initial administrators and board members, (iii) the creation of a virtual platform for the non-profit, and (iv) the creation of content, and in particular the gathering of information around Canadian initiatives already in place – both in K-12 and post-secondary. It is our hope that by 9am on Friday October 4th, we will have four working groups ready to lead the way for the year to come.

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