Emmanuel Martin-Jean discusses promoting interdisciplinary collaborations and open discussions around UDL within a community of the participating colleges

The Third Pan-Canadian Conference launches on October 2nd. In the coming weeks we will be introducing you to some of the presenters.

Emmanuel Martin-Jean has been working with a wide range of learners and is still learning from them in return. Emmanuel has a Master’s degree in film study and a DESS in pedagogy. He is now working as a lecturer in several Cegeps and as a project manager in inclusive practices for the Association of private colleges of Quebec.

His interest in UDL practices comes from a sincere concern for the students’ learning processes development. During his encounter with neuroatypical students, he widened his sensibility and integrated a learner centered practice.

He will present the innovative project of the ACPQ to develop inclusive practices in and out of the classroom. By promoting interdisciplinary collaborations and open discussions within the community of the participating colleges, the aim of this project is to shape superior education through a transparent sharing of practices, strategies and eventually creative commons tools. Each at their own level and according to their specific characteristics, they experiment and work toward inclusion, accessibility and differentiated learning strategies.

He is eager to share with you the singular experiences this project has fostered.

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